Business Process Enterprise Culture Honors and Certifications

Enterprise Culture

First, the enterprise belief heart to the light, good to others, the way of heaven will bless.

II. Corporate goal: To become the world's leading company in medical collagen.

Filial piety is the first, honesty is the foundation, morality casts the soul, self-improvement.

Four, corporate mission physical behavior to bring more light to the society.

V. Corporate Vision Focuses on the technological innovation of biomedicine and serves the health and beauty of human beings.

Heaven revolves, the gentleman to unremitting self-improvement; Terrain Kun, the gentleman to hold things with virtue.

The talent on the platform of talent concept is the talent.

Eight, the principle of employment, both political integrity and ability, moral first; There is no virtue, its only available; Have talent without virtue, its ability is difficult to use; Make the best use of your talents.

Nine, "Chuangerren" three steps of self-cultivation

1, the foundation of the establishment - diligent, sensitive, respect;

Diligent: Diligent, down-to-earth and willing to work, which is "willing to do" in Cantonese, the opposite of which is frivolous and lazy. Focusing on practical work requires us to abandon impetuous, high-minded and low-skilled, and to be able to do everything carefully, meticulously and well.

Min: Proactive means to take the initiative to strive for work tasks with a positive attitude and give full play to individual subjective initiative in daily work. Chuanger people should also have positive thinking and insights, and meet challenges and overcome difficulties with full enthusiasm.

Respect: that is, dedication, a sense of responsibility, there is a state of mind responsible for the results, which requires us in the specific work not only to have a result-oriented consciousness, but also a global consciousness, always to the interests of the company.

2, the order of achievement - filial piety, honesty, letter;

Filial piety: filial piety is the most basic gratitude, filial piety is born instinct. How to be filial in life is to be grateful to parents, customers and the company.

Thanksgiving parents: parents are our blessing god, is the harbor of our hearts, for us to hold up a piece of clear sky, Thanksgiving parents is our instinct.

Thanksgiving customers: we and customers are a complex relationship of market interests, at the same time customers are our parents, because with the support of customers, our clothing, food, housing and transportation can be guaranteed, Thanksgiving customers is our duty.

Thanksgiving company: Thanksgiving company, for us to provide a platform to show themselves, because this platform, our material security, spiritual sublimation; Thanksgiving our leadership, with their guidance, we will continue to progress, continuous improvement; Thanks to our colleagues, with their companionship and tolerance, we can move forward easily. Thanks to our company is our duty.

Honesty: honesty is divided into three levels: sincerity, sincerity and sincerity. The simple understanding is that each of us should carry a sincere heart to face the people, things and things we contact every day, and to face the company, colleagues and customers sincerely. In action, know for know, do not know, frankly bear their own long and short, down-to-earth, pragmatic; Finally develop a habit of honesty, to be able to active positive thinking, positive insights to arm themselves, eliminate the influence of negative thoughts.

Faithfulness: Faithfulness is divided into two parts: faithfulness and faithfulness. Truthful speech: its meaning is to be faithful in word, resolute in action, and faithful in word, to put an end to the realization of partial purpose by boasting and empty talk. Faithfulness: It is commonly divided into small righteousness and great righteousness. Small justice refers to personal faith. Individualsshould be brave and brave. Only by facing up to mistakes can they be corrected and actively faced. Great righteousness means the integrity of the team. The team should pursue the unity of righteousness and profit, oppose the interest of "taking profit without righteousness", and always take the integrity of the team as the purpose, and operate steadfastly.

The way of sublimation - benevolence, capacity and wisdom.

Benevolence: Benevolence is divided into benevolence and benevolence. Beneficence, the government must have the heart of benevolence, tolerance and love to integrate all things, "the general love, and benevolence", with the heart of benevolence, abandon personal likes and dislikes, in order to achieve the "heaven with the same, the earth with the same" realm of harmony. Rendao, on the road of life, we should follow the law of nature that "Rendao" in the world, the unity of nature, we can obtain the power of inexhaustible.

Accumulation: namely accommodating people and accommodating affairs. People should not only have the capacity to accommodate people but also the soul of the people, the mind of the sea, inclusive of all things; There should be pattern and height to accommodate affairs, for the ruler of the scientific pattern, forward-looking strategy, decided the height of his career. Only by keeping our mind open and embracing everything can we have a big picture and a big vision.

Wisdom: mainly refers to wisdom. Enterprises will encounter all kinds of difficulties in the process of development. In order to save the day, we need to have extraordinary wisdom and rich knowledge, so as to have insight into all the flourishing objects in the world, grasp their internal operation rules and promote the development of enterprises.