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The sixth collagen industry Forum and industry-University-Research-Medical Cooperation exchange meeting was held


 Deepen industry-university-research-medical cooperation and promote the development of collagen industry

The sixth collagen industry Forum and industry-University-Research-Medical Cooperation exchange meeting was held

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From November 10, 2018 to November 11, 2018, it is jointly sponsored by Guangdong Medical Device Management Society and Guangdong Medical Collagen Engineering Technology Research and Development Center, and undertaken by Guangzhou Chuang Er Biotechnology Co., LTD., to deepen industry-university-research-medical cooperation and promote the development of collagen industry. The 6th collagen industry Forum with the theme was successfully held in Guangzhou Luogang Conference Center. Conference invited professor cui from tsinghua university, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Sciences institute of process engineering gui-feng zhang, China's food and drug verification research institute chun-ren wang, director of the university of Arkansas Kyle p. Quinn, a professor at tsinghua university professor sun, director of the guangdong province medical equipment quality supervision, inspection and li-feng Yang heavyweight of dozens of experts and scholars from home and abroad such as speech, and to explore how to better promote the basic research, product development and clinical effective link of problem solving, improve the level of technology and clinical application to promote the effective transformation, the collagen industry bigger and stronger.


The picture shows experts, scholars and participants of the 6th Collagen Industry Forum

The forum begins with a report on a hotly debated issue in the product quality control industry. Based on the analysis of regulations, the quality control of medical collagen can be carried out through virus inactivation, immunogenicity and biological evaluation. At the level of research and development, immunological evaluation can be designed from the point of risk control, so as to carry out quality control for collagen-based devices before they are marketed. In terms of refinement to operation, the quality of collagen-based biomaterials can be controlled from the aspects of endogenous and exogenous indexes and collagen properties, and the quality of collagen solution can also be controlled by HPLC.

Collagen because of its weak antigenicity, good biocompatibility and biodegradation security and repairing function is widely used in medical field, collagen can realize 3 d printing and the application in tissue engineering in vitro, then can be decellularized allogeneic cartilage collagen material space bionic, bionic artificial bone collagen has the & # 8220; In addition, collagen has been widely confirmed in skin wound repair. In the basic research field of collagen, the extraction, purification and characterization of medical collagen materials have been deeply explored. It was found that non-invasive collagen diagnosis can be used to understand the mechanism of abnormal wound healing. Fish collagen has lower thermal stability than terrestrial animals, but fish collagen is easier to extract. Collagen can be quantified and its activity determined by electrophoresis analysis of the chain. Collagen can be regulated by external environment and external position, and its properties can be optimized by co-assembly of allogenic collagen.

After the end of the theme report, experts and scholars launched a heated discussion on how to realize the industrialization of collagen and other issues. The guests agree that in order to realize the industrialization, we must establish the researchers and business relations of cooperation, the enterprise for researchers to provide research material, the researchers help enterprises to further study of product development necessary for characterization and control technology, doing basic research firm, to realize independent development and take collagen products market, the collagen industry achieve the standardization and popularization. This point of view coincides with the trial registration system. This forum highlights the deepening of industry-university-research-medical cooperation to promote the development of the collagen industry. The theme promotes the close cooperation between universities, scientific research institutions, enterprises and hospitals. In addition, we hope to establish a technology sharing platform to promote the rapid development of the collagen industry in the field of basic research and product transformation. We look forward to the peers in the industry to go further, and also look forward to the collagen industry to flourish, benefit mankind.