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The fifth Collagen Industry Forum was held ceremoniously


Experts and scholars from home and abroad gather in Beautiful Yangcheng

-- The fifth Collagen Industry Forum was held ceremoniously

                                                                            Liang Jianhua

    On November 30, 2017 - December 1, by the medical equipment management association of guangdong province and guangdong province medical collagen engineering research center, guangzhou gen's biological technology co., LTD. And god holding (group) co., LTD. Jointly undertake, to "improve the quality of the collagen products, with international advanced level" as the theme of the fifth collagen industry BBS held at guangzhou holiday inn poly success and a successful ending.

    Conference invited professor cui from tsinghua university, national Taiwan university professor Cai Weibo, Australia commonwealth scientific institute of Helmut Thissen, director of the China's food and drug verification research institute chun-ren wang, professor and deputy director of the guangdong province medical equipment quality supervision, inspection and Yuan Qin yan-ping shi director of the medical equipment quality inspection center in shandong province and so on dozens of experts and scholars from home and abroad is "collagen product quality control, industry standards and frontier hot spots", such as heavyweight speech, and at the same time through the panel discussion, common problems in the development of collagen in the industry enterprises is discussed in this paper.

    The Collagen Forum is a domestic professional forum jointly held by Guangdong Medical Device Management Association and Guangdong Medical Collagen Engineering Research Center, and has been successfully held for the fifth time. The forum aims to gather experts, scholars and enterprises in the field of collagen, promote new products, new technologies and new processes of the collagen industry and industrial development and production through exchanges and cooperation, establish domestic collagen industry standards, standardize and promote the vigorous development of the collagen industry.

    This forum highlights the theme of "improving the quality of collagen products to meet the international advanced standards". Several experts from CCI and the provincial device quality supervision and Inspection system will fully interpret the industry standards and the latest guiding principles of medical devices and define the direction of product quality control. Experts and scholars from well-known research institutes at home and abroad display the latest technological achievements in the industry, and we are proud of the new products going abroad, which also responds to General Secretary Xi's innovation-driven development strategy, fully demonstrating that innovation is the driving force of development. This is not only an audiovisual feast, but also an exciting spur and inspiration conference! Through the communication in the forum, we intend to establish industry associations, industry alliances and other international collaborative innovation platforms to promote the rapid and healthy development of the collagen industry and realize multi-win cooperation. We look forward to the industry peers go further, looking forward to the next forum to a higher level!