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The 4th Medical collagen Industry Forum


Chinese and foreign experts and scholars gather together to lead the development of collagen industry

-- The 4th Medical collagen Industry Forum and Chinese and foreign Collagen industry Exchange Meeting was held

From November 18 to 20, 2016, the 4th Medical collagen Industry Forum and Sino-foreign Collagen Industry Exchange Meeting was held in Luogang Conference Center, sponsored by Guangdong Medical Device Management Association and Guangdong Medical Collagen Engineering Technology Research and Development Center, and undertaken by Guangzhou Chuang 'er Biotechnology Co., LTD. BBS has invited the Chinese academy of medical sciences institute of biomedical engineering biological materials and artificial organ research director professor zhang qq as chairman of the meeting, China's food and drug verification research institute biomaterials and tissue engineering room chun-ren wang, director of industry experts and foreign collagen initial Igor Drstvensek, initial Natasa Ihan Hren, initial Kaija - Stiina Paloheimo dozen such as Chinese and foreign experts and scholars as a guest speaker, collagen industry well-known enterprises, more than 30 representative, Professors of relevant majors from six universities took students to participate in the whole process. More than 140 participants gathered in Science City to discuss the research hotspots and latest progress in the field of collagen.

The meeting, professor zhang qq, chun-ren wang director, as well as the national key laboratory of biochemical engineering, institute of process engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences gui-feng zhang teacher, huaihai institute of technology institute of Marine chun-chieh chang, dean of the dozen experts and scholars, such as collagen industry at home and abroad at present new research and new breakthrough and the national industry of collagen products planning and supervision and management laws, regulations and policies, collagen to share in the field of cosmetics, food, health care products.


Professor Zhang Qiqing, Chairman of the Conference, delivered a speech

At the conference, Professor Zhang Qiqing gave an important speech on the integration of industry development and 3D technology, and described the concept, development and future prospect of 3D technology in a simple and profound way. Professor Zhang is very optimistic about the development of 3D printing in the biomedical field, and expounds the broad space of 3D printing technology in the medical device industry from three aspects: making human organ model, printing oral controlled release drug delivery, and printing surgical implants. Professor Zhang pointed out that with the rapid development of precision medicine and personalized treatment, 3D printing will develop towards cost reduction, precision and intelligence. The application of collagen in bone transplantation through 3D printing technology can realize the personalization and precision of collagen products, which is more conducive to the recovery of bones. This special effect has attracted the interest of industry leaders at home and abroad, some of which have begun to practice, and domestic collagen enterprises also need to pay attention to this frontier. Professor Zhang's speech struck a chord with the industry, and everyone was optimistic about the deep integration of 3D printing technology and collagen industry.


Director Wang Chunren


Prof. Dr. Igor Drstvensek Passionate Speech moment


Professor Zhang Qiqing and foreign experts

In the open forum, experts and scholars such as Professor Zhang Qiqing and Professor Wang Chunren will discuss the current situation and existing problems of the medical device industry. Through communication and discussion, the two sides came to the conclusion that only through enhanced communication and in-depth understanding can the problem be truly solved. The forum also set an innovative collagen industry standard seminar. Under the chairing of Professor Zhang Qiqing, we discussed about collagen sutures, collagen sponges and other standards to jointly build the collagen industry standard.


(From left: Director Wang Chunren, Professor Zhang Lei, Professor Zhang Qiqing, Chairman Song Wenling, Professor Ren Li)


The site of collagen industry standard exchange meeting

It is reported that this medical collagen industry Forum gathers experts, scholars and enterprises in the collagen industry at home and abroad to provide a professional platform for collagen technology exchange. The forum will focus on the knowledge of collagen industry regulations and share new products, new technologies and new processes. At the same time, we hope to take this opportunity to standardize the order of the collagen market, promote the vigorous development of the collagen industry, and lead the development direction of the collagen industry in Guangdong province and even the whole country.

Guangzhou Chuang 'er Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is the sole undertaker of this conference. From the overall conference process to the details of the venue layout, every link is striving for perfection, which brings the 4th Medical collagen Industry Forum to a perfect conclusion. The medical collagen Industry Forum has been successfully held for four times, and its influence has been expanding from collagen enterprises to academia. From the field of medical devices, extended to the field of food, cosmetics; From domestic influence, gradually extended to the international. Medical collagen industry forum, as a platform to "communicate information, exchange experience and seek common development", will become more and more important.