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The 3rd Medical Collagen Industry Forum


Experts and scholars gathered to share the latest research on collagen industry

——The third medical collagen Industry Forum and Biomaterial Project Matchmaking Meeting was successfully held

The "3rd medical collagen industry forum & biomaterials project meeting", sponsored by guangdong medical device management association and guangdong medical collagen engineering technology research and development center and undertaken by guangzhou chuang er biotechnology co., LTD, was successfully held in luogang conference center of guangzhou on November 26, 2015. As a continuous collagen industry forum, this forum aims to regulate the market order of collagen, deepen the cooperation within the industry, keep innovating, create a good environment for the development of the collagen industry, and promote the vigorous development of the collagen industry. We will also set up an innovative biomaterial project matchmaking meeting to promote the mutual complementarity, mutual benefit and common development of the production, study and research of biomaterials.


Experts and scholars

This forum brings together many experts, scientific and technological personnel, investors, industrial parks, third-party testing institutions and many production and business enterprises. This forum is divided into two parts :(1) taking medical collagen as the theme, reports and discussions will be conducted on relevant policies and regulations, clinical applications, new research and progress of collagen, etc.

(2) Meeting of biomaterials projects to promote the transformation of scientific research achievements.

At the start of BBS, Chinese academy of medical sciences institute of biomedical engineering biological materials and artificial organ research director zhang qq as the time of the BBS BBS introduces the time of the leaders and guests, respectively is the guangdong food and drug administration commissioner of medical apparatus and instruments, Zhong Yongqiang, xue-jun li, deputy director of guangzhou development district organization personnel bureau, guangdong medical equipment management association TongGang, former secretary general Tang Zhaokun, deputy secretary-general Huang Xiulian, medical collagen shun-qing tang, director of the engineering technology research and development center of guangdong province, etc.; Director Zhang Qiqing also gave an in-depth analysis of "the basic and applied research of collagen in the field of biomedicine", which impressed the audience and was well received. Afterwards, Huang Xiuyi, chief of the Medical Device Registry of Guangdong Food and Drug Administration, explained in detail the "Interpretation of medical Device Registration Regulations". Li Qiang, director of Aozuda Medical Device Services Group and deputy general manager with 20 years' experience in the medical device clinical industry, delivered a speech entitled "Clinical Trial Design and Management of Animal-derived Products". Finally from materials science and engineering college of south China university of technology professor Ren Li professor Jiang Bo biological materials engineering research center, sichuan university, guangzhou Red Cross hospital, deputy director of the institute trauma surgery xiao-hong Yang, huaihai institute of technology, vice President of the institute of Marine chun-chieh chang and other experts, respectively from the new high efficiency of collagen cross-linking agent research and development, the characteristics of collagen superfamily & fragments of amino acids in the diagnosis of diseases, cartilage and joint transplantation material preparation and application of bioactive collagen, sensors and actuators, aquatic collagen extraction and properties of collagen protein industry new technology made a simple analysis.


Professor Zhang Qiqing chaired the meeting

After the sharing, The open forum on collagen was hosted by Li Siming, President of Guangzhou Red Cross Hospital. In this link, Reese a whim, Ming director suggested BBS guests can be divided into the experts and scholars, represented by director zhang qq with commissioner of guangdong food and drug administration, the original medical instrument Tang Zhaokun for on behalf of the government supervision and management of the pie, and regarding the medical device industry present situation and existing problems of discussion. The two sides contend for each other and argue vigorously, pointing out that in the application and testing of medical device industry, contradictions often occur between the government and enterprises due to inconsistent standards. Through communication and discussion, the two sides came to the conclusion that only through enhanced communication and in-depth understanding can the problem be truly solved.


Open forum

This forum also set up a biomaterial project matchmaking meeting, which is a unique and highly innovative part of this forum, aiming to provide a platform for the exchange and transformation of industry, universities and research institutes, and create investment opportunities for more projects with development potential. BBS brings together a large number of excellent biological materials on behalf of the related enterprises, through combine the domestic current situation of the application of biological materials and the domestic demand for the development of biological materials technology, all warm discussion and exchange of biological materials research and development and clinical application of cutting-edge technology and the latest progress of related, promote production, study and research of biological materials three sides have complementary advantages, mutual benefit and common development.


Biomaterial mating meeting


The participants communicated with each other

This medical collagen forum is a complete success. As Zhong Yongqiang, vice President of Guangdong Medical Device Management Association, said, Guangdong province is one of the three major agglomerations of the national medical device industry, and guangdong has obvious advantages in the medical device industry. The purpose of the collagen forum is to create a better environment, jointly establish the domestic collagen industry standards, standardize the collagen market order, and promote the vigorous development of the collagen industry. Compared with the previous two sessions, this forum has more participants, broader coverage, more diverse forms, more far-reaching industry influence and higher recognition. Guangzhou Chuang 'er Biotechnology Co., LTD., as the undertaker, hopes to continue to make use of this platform to build the medical collagen industry forum into an industry forum with domestic and international influence.