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The first collagen dressing industry Forum


To exchange information, experience and seek common development

-- The first collagen dressing industry Forum was successfully held

    With the rapid development of medical hairdressing industry, collagen dressing market expansion trend is increasingly obvious: from guangzhou gen's biological technology co., LTD. 4 years since the pioneering and exclusive, its manufacturer has reached four, is registered in the factory has more than 10, collagen stick dressing has from an industry gradually evolved into an industry. In order to strengthen the communication and interaction among collagen dressing production enterprises, promote the cooperation among enterprises and the development of benign competition in the industry, based on the principle of equality, cooperation, friendship and win-win, in line with the principle of working together to promote the healthy and long-term development of the collagen dressing industry, and jointly make the collagen dressing market stronger and bigger.

    On January 19, 2013, "the first Collagen-dressing Industry Forum Exchange Meeting" hosted by Guangzhou Chuanger Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was kicked off in Guangzhou Jianguo Hotel. Guangzhou's biological technology co., LTD., shaanxi giant biological technology co., LTD., Beijing century letter pharmaceutical technology co., LTD., sichuan three Thai pharmaceutical technology co., LTD., wuxi brady biological engineering co., LTD., guangzhou jinyuan ji medical equipment co., LTD., guangzhou yusuf beauty biological technology co., LTD and guangzhou beauty medicine hall pharmaceutical technology co., LTD., a total of eight domestic collagen stick dressing production companies 14 representatives attended the seminar.


Exchange of representatives

  With the theme of "communicating information, exchanging experience and seeking common development", the exchange meeting conducted in-depth discussion and communication on the latest development trend of the collagen dressing industry, opportunities and challenges faced by the development of the collagen dressing industry. Through the meeting, representatives of production and sales enterprises of collagen dressing negotiated harmonously, and reached consensus on "how to integrate industry resources, regulate market order, and promote the healthy and long-term development of collagen dressing industry together with peers" :(1) do well in enterprise self-discipline, regulate competition behavior, and maintain normal market order; (2) From the source, standardize flow management, reasonable control network sales, standardize market behavior; (3) Promote mutual communication and cooperation, establish a long-term coordination mechanism, and maintain the regional market; (4) At the same time of price coordination, enterprises should also adjust the product variety structure, avoid the competition of homogeneous products, and promote the horizontal development of the industry; (5) In accordance with the policies of the National Development and Reform Commission, fully cooperate with each other to do a good job in project application and special charge catalogue handling. It is suggested that the government improve legislation and standardize consumables operation. (6) To initially establish and improve the domestic collagen industry standards for medical purposes and promote the orderly development of the collagen industry.


Group photo of delegates

Gather wisdom can make a good plan, united forces will rise great undertaking! In the face of fierce market competition, only by uniting and developing together can we seek the greatest win-win situation! We firmly believe that with the joint efforts of all the manufacturers of collagen dressing, our industry will make further progress!