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The original intention and vision of Collagen Forum

If a company is eliminated in the market, it will not be eliminated by your competitors, but must be abandoned by your users. Guangzhou Chuanger Biotechnology Co., Ltd. knows that healthy market competition is conducive to the long-term development of enterprises and the development of the whole industry. Therefore, as a unit and host of BBS, gen, biological construction has always been adhering to the BBS of beginner's mind, stick to the principle of equality, cooperation, friendly, win-win, an active collagen industry BBS "communication information, exchange experiences and seek common development" of the platform, so as to promote the common development of the industry as a whole collagen, bigger and stronger, in line with international standards and even catch up with foreign countries. This should also be the common vision of the whole medical collagen industry in China. Until now, BBS has successfully held the seven-time, attracted many famous universities and research institutions at home and abroad, and China's food and drug verification, sichuan medical biological materials and products inspection center, guangdong medical equipment quality supervision, inspection and other domestic authority inspection institutions and certification center to participate in the activities, including the collagen in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, drug controlled release, cell therapy, biological reactor applications in areas such as innovation and collagen expert consensus and so on several aspects in the field of materials. Now, BBS has become the country's most influential medical collagen academic seminars and open platform for communication industry, promote the collagen industry and related the application of new products, new technology, new technology transformation, promote the domestic collagen related standards, the establishment and development of specifications, to guide the development of industry of our country collagen played an important role.
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