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Overcoming the difficulties of the combination of “collagen and hyaluronic acid”


Specialized in active collagen technologies and products, Guangzhou Trauer biotechnology Co. Ltd.(brief as Trauer hereinafter) has launched and patented “a inter-soluble system and preparation method of collagen-hyaluronic acid with stability” , with enormous R&D investment and relentless efforts by R&D teams. This technology has made a breakthrough in the endeavor of combining collagen and sodium hyaluronate.

With this technology breakthrough, Trauer launched a new product with "collagen and hyaluronic acid" packaged in a double-core ampoule, namely Trauer Collagen Sodium Hyaluronate Essence, along with collagen soothing mask. The new products are the developed based on the Trauers’ well-grounded active collagen technology and application, and are expected to make another stride on beauty industry.

A new technology combining two ingredients

Trauer is a leading enterprise specialized in active collagen bio-medical materials. In 2002, Trauer was the first to engage in the field of active collagen, and in 2004, Trauer launched the first collagen dressing medical device in China, becoming the pioneer of collagen dressing products in China. In 2010, we developed the first Type III implantable medical device product - collagen sponge, and officially entered the surgery; In 2016,the first Type III sterile collagen dressing within China is launched, which lays the foundation as a market leader of national medical collagen dressing .


Collagen, as the highest protein in the human body, is significant in protecting and repairing the human tissues and organ. With triple-helix structure, the active collagen bio-medical material has a good bio-compatibility and has already been widely used in skin repair, regenerative medicine and medical cosmetics. Trauer has been dedicated to bio-medical collagen R&D and transformation in the related fields including dermatology, surgery and burn unit, making many remarkable achievements. With unremitting R&D investment and efforts on technologyTrauer established 6 core technologies for mass sterile extraction and production of bio-medical grade active collagen, which effectively maintains the natural triple-helix structure and overcomes the obstacles such as low production, virus inactivation and immunogenicity control.

Over recent years, with the rapid development in economy, beauty products have become increasingly popular. Collagen and hyaluronic acid are the well-known "two reputable ingredientsacross the field of skin care. However, the combination of collagen and hyaluronic acid has always been challenge.


Dr. Yongliang Zhong, the marketing and academic director of Trauer, said, "The technical team of Trauer has been working on technical problems combining collagen and hyaluronic acid. With existing technologies, the main methods to combine collagen and hyaluronic acid are pH adjustment, cross-linking, adding buffer system,etc.Recently, Tauer has successfully filtered and optimized a unique technical solution, by which, the active collagen-hyaluronic acid inter-soluble system has good stability without precipitation, and the type I collagen in this inter-soluble system still maintains its original activity. The collagen sodium hyaluronate essence of owned by Trauer is developed with this technology. This breakthrough, undoubtedly, is of application value."


Core technology drives new products growth by leaps and bounds

"the research suggested that collagen facilitates type VII collagen expression and elastin expression, strengthening the basement membrane and skin elasticity, while collagen inhibits the expression of hyaluronidase and cell migration-inducing hyaluronidase 2, slowing the hydrolysis of hyaluronic acid in the skin, resulting in firmer skin. Both collagen and hyaluronic acid inhibit the degradation of matrix metalloproteins and are conducive to anti-wrinkles. The collagen and hyaluronic acid mixture significantly inhibited the expression of cell migration-induced hyaluronidase 1 and 2, showing a synergistic effect compared to using them separately." Yongliang Zhong said, "These scientific findings boost our confidence in the future market performance of Collagen Sodium Hyaluronate Serum."


In the opinion of Tong Zhiwei, the general manager assistant of Trauer, Trauer product lines base on its own "six core technologies" meet the core requirements of consumers' skin care, and will be the core competitiveness of Trauer collagen sodium hyaluronate essence and is expected to win the market in short term.

As introduced, the brand TRAUER under the Trauer has carried out massive market research on the basis of its accumulated customer groups over past 20 years, and improve formulation to ensure the product is up-to-date, thus offering the new products which meet the real needs of consumers


Tong Zhiwei said, "As the first double-core combination essence, Trauer will take the lead in the market. In the future, Trauer will be committed to deepening technology research, challenging the R&D barriers, combining the consumption with new media platform features, integrating existing resource, and hold offline salons and social media activities to make a leap."


The determination to be a global leading enterprise in collagen

Specialized in medical collagen over 20 years, Trauer has been on the track of independent innovation, and fostered a self-developed core technology system. The company is developed as a leading enterprise of medical active collagen segmentation in China.

For eight consecutive years, Trauer has been awarded by Guangdong Provincial Drug Administration as a medical device manufacturer with Tier-A quality and credit in Guangdong Province. Recently, it was also  listed as the "triple keys" (key areas, key projects, key enterprises) enterprises.


Tong Zhiwei said: "Trauer will always focus on biomedical technology innovation to serve the health and beauty of human beings. By leveraging the development and application of active collagen, the company will keep pace with the era, closely align with the global scientific research spotlight, work hand in hand with scientific research institutes and professional technical teams to develop the most innovative active collagen products. We put ourselves on track to a global active collagen leader in the near future." (Chen Hairong)

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