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The course of becoming a leader in medical-grade collagen


Guangzhou Trauer biotechnology Co. Lmt. (hereinafter referred to as Trauer) drew public attention over its planning from New third board (national equities exchange and quotations) to The Science and Technology Innovation Board. The story of Trauer was widely known.


Establish a domestic brand of collagen

Established in August 2002, Trauer is the pioneer of collagen dressing within China.

In 2002, no one has ever been involved in biocollagen industry in China. Tong Gang, the founder and current chairman of Trauer, was the first to enter the field of active collagen in the biomedical field.  It seems that Tong Gang is undoubtedly the first one to grab the opportunity and the pioneer of the biocollagen medical material.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body and is effective in protecting and repairing tissues and organs of the body. The biomedical collagen material with natural triple helix structure is biocompatible and can promote hemostasis, induce cell migration, adhesion and proliferation, and collaborate to repair wounds. It has outstanding strength in skin barrier repair, filling and regeneration of bone and cartilage defects, as well as tissue engineering replacement of cornea, blood vessels and valves. It is known as "human soft gold". The overseas collagen market was developed earlier and is more mature, while the domestic enterprises are latecomers. In the early years, medical products with biocollagen as the main component were mostly "imported" and sold at a high price, making it unaffordable for many consumers.

With the mission of "making collagen affordable" in mind, Tong Gang took the lead with Trauer to embark on the path of localizing biocollagen. At present, Trauer has broken the foreign technical barriers and mastered the core technology of biocollagen transformation and application, which become the first in mass production and industrialization of bioactive collagen in China.

Inspired and led by the original intention, Trauer has been committed to engaing in biocollagen raw materials, medical devices and bio-skincare, and always sticks to the development of independent innovation. An operation model integrating R&D, production and sales has been established. In 2004, Trauer took the lead in launching collagen dressing medical device products in China, which established the leading position in the field of medical repair dressing and became trendy in China. In 2010, the company developed the first type III implantable medical device product - collagen sponge, and formally made its way to the surgical market. In 2016, Trauer biocollagen dressing was undergone a comprehensive technical upgrade, with strict production quality management of products according to the management requirements of type III medical devices. It aims to improving the technology for better product quality.

Currently, there are two major brands “Trauer” and “Trauemy” with abundant product line. 2019 has witness the sales of over 3000million.


Technology innovation empower core competitiveness

Through continuous investment in R&D and technology, Trauer has developed six core technologies for large-scale sterile extraction and preparation of bio-medical grade collagen, effectively maintaining the natural triple helix structure of collagen and overcoming difficulties in the industry such as low yield, virus inactivation and immunogenicity control. In addition, Genesis has made a technological breakthrough in the large-scale sterile production of liquid collagen while effectively maintaining its natural conformation and bio-activity. With the support of 6 core technologies, the  bio-collagen is features by short production cycle and high extraction efficiency, with unique triple helix structure being maintained. It is also featuring strong activity, high purity, good biocompatibility and stable quality. Since the launch of the first collagen dressing medical device product in 2004, Trauer has been working on the upgrade of new support technology for collagen core material, and increasing the investment in new product R&D. Improve the quality of new product R&D through technology innovation and accumulation. The company focus on self-improvement and always endeavor to lead the high-quality development of the industry with higher standards and regulations.

Backed up by strong technologies, Trauer has undertaken the National Torch Program, the National 863 Program and many provincial and municipal science and technology projects in the past 20 years, and has been honored as a high-tech enterprise and  Excellent Independent Brand of Guangdong Province for many times, along with many other achievements. As a pioneer in the industry, Tauer actively participates in the revision and setting of many industry standards, technical guidelines and industry consensus, including "Technical Review Guidelines for the Registration of Absorbable Hemostatic Products", "YY/T 1511-2017 Collagen Sponge", "Technical Consensus on Characterization and Quality Evaluation of Medical Collagen Products", etc., and initiates the setting of two local standards of Guangdong Province as a drafting committee. DB44/T 2080-2017 medical type I collagen" and "DB44/ T 1360-2014 collagen dressing", as well as other 70 enterprise standards. By the end of 2020, Trauer possessed 28 patents, including 13 invention patents.

In 2013, through the approval of Guangdong province science and technology department, medical collagen engineering technology research and development center Guangdong province was listed and established. The engineering center is the only innovation research and incubation platform which aims at the R&D of key manufacturing technology for bio-medical collagen, transformation of results and products, academic exchange and cooperation, talent training and value realization in Guangdong Province and even in China. By 2020, the engineering center held 7 academic and industrial forums in China medical collagen industry, focusing on new materials, new technology research and innovative applications of collagen in the fields of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, skin soft tissue repair, as well as the establishment of industry standards, expert consensus and testing technology in related fields, which, promotes the healthy development of China's medical collagen industry. After years of accumulation and development, the forum has developed into an open exchange stage for academia and industry in the field of medical collagen in China, integrating production, academia, research, medicine and inspection. Trauer is making great efforts to push forward the development of collagen industry domestically.


Aspiration to become the global leading enterprise of medical collagen

The company has been listed as a medical device manufacturer of Guangdong Province with quality credit graded A for 8 consecutive years; its collagen dressing and collagen sponge have been awarded as "Independent Innovation Products of Guangdong Province" (2010-2012); collagen dressing Collagen dressing was recognized as "Guangdong Province Key New Product" (2012). In addition, Trauer has been honored with the famous trademark of Guangdong Province (2015);  Trauer’s products are entitled "high-tech products" for multiple times (2013 to present). The company's products have covered 350 “AAA”  hospitals nationwide.

In 2020, Dr. Chunting Ye, the co-founder and chief scientist of Trauer, took charge of the scientific and technology work. Under the leadership of Dr. Ye, a new R&D team, consisting of more than 10 high-level technical and scientific backbones as its core, has been established in the R&D center of Trauer, with the range of R&D from collagen raw materials, medical devices, biological skin care and other business fields. Among the R&D and technical team, there are many PhDs and post-docs from well-known research institutes at home and abroad, who have professional backgrounds covering tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, biomaterials, cell engineering, genetic engineering and immunology, etc. They are working on the planning and layout of new directions and products, laying a solid foundation for the future development of Tauer.

Speaking of the future development of Trauer, Tong Gang said, "Trauer is dedicated to biomedical technology innovation, serving the health and beauty of human beings. We apply ourselves to the development and application of biocollagen, keeping pace with the development of the times, closely in line with the global trend of scientific research, working with scientific research institutions and professional technical teams to develop the most innovative and marketable biocollagen products. We will strive to become a global leader of biocollagen one day."