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Trauer is selected as the 9th innovative practice base for post-doctor in Guangzhou


On November 29th, Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security has published “the Notice of the enterprise being listed in the 9th innovative practice base for post-doctor in Guangzhou”.



Trauer - International doctoral team

There is a professional team consisting of talents from home and abroad in Trauer Bio-development center, specializing in biomaterials, regenerative medicine, tissue engineering, cell biology, genetic engineering, functional foods, among others. We have extensive experience in product development, industrial transformation, quality control, functions and safety evaluation as well as other aspects.

In Trauer, there is a high-tech team consisting of talents and professors from home and abroad, mainly study in biomaterial, regenerative medicine, tissue engineering, cytobiology, genetic engineering, among others, with extensive experience in products development, industry transformation, quality control, function and safety evaluation.




Dr. Ye Chunting

  • Deputy director of institute of traumatic surgery, Guangzhou Red Cross Hospital affiliated to Jinan university

  • Postgraduate mentor of biomedical engineering, Jinan University

  • Senior scientist and project manager, Jackson laboratory in the US

  • Visiting scholar of medical collage in Harvard university

  • Research instructor of Health and science center, Texas Tech University in the US

  • Honored with traveling awards of outstanding articles from American Association of Immunologists for twice

Dr. Ye Specializes in biomaterials,Cell/genetic products, cosmetics R&D, function and safety evaluation with profound experience in materialogy , immunology and cytobiology. She published over60 academic articles and multiple international/domestic patents.

Dr. Chunting Ye leads a high tech team of 49 to establish a national collagen key laboratory and international united R&D base. The R&D and technical team includes many doctors and post-doctors from outstanding research institutes at home and abroad.


Trauer- R&D facilities of high quality and sophistication

Trauer has a massive extraction system of sterile atelocollagen with  purity greater than 99%, reaching international advanced level. Some of the production and R&D system standards are even higher than the national standard, and it is one of the few companies in the world that have mastered the technology of low-temperature emulsified atelocollagen formulation.

R&D Strength


Well-equipped R&D facilities and advanced devices with high value

  • Device R&D laboratories

  • Bio-skin care laboratories

  • Molecular biology laboratories

  • Cell biology Laboratories

  • Function evaluation laboratories

  • Biological safety level 2  laboratories

  • semi-works

  • Quality center laboratories