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Blockbuster! Trauerr Biosuperconducting High ™ active collagen raw material new market sales!



Before 2002,The industrial production of active collagen is still a "wasteland" in China.Medical device products with active collagen as the main component are mostly imported products.After importing into the domestic average price is generally higher, which makes many consumers with real demand "smell the price color change".

    To address this social pain point,Trauer take the lead in this field, and gradually tackle key problems to realize the large-scale industrial production and preparation of natural extracted active collagen.After nearly 20 years of steady development, through the clinical accumulation of more than 100 first-class public hospitals, unremitting polishing and verification of product quality. Finally, I mastered six core technologies of active collagen extraction, including refined enzymatic extraction, preparation of high-purity collagen, immunogenicity clearance of animal-derived materials, precise processing of raw material pretreatment process, efficient virus inactivation and final sterilization of products.It broke the technical barrier of advanced biological material -- natural extraction of active collagen, and realized large-scale and aseptic extraction and preparation of active collagen.

With the power of "six core technologies", Trauer Biologics [Superconducting High ™ active collagen] has a short production cycle, high extraction efficiency, and keeps the unique Triple-Helix structure of collagen intact. A number of technical indicators have reached the international advanced level.


With high purity, high, high import, high adhesion and soo go summarize the superconducting ™ ️ active collagen , by combining with all kinds of receptors on the surface of the cells, to participate in the reshaping local skin micro ecology and immune steady-state environment, support the skin organization structure, induced damage skin tissue repair regeneration, so as to prevent or reduce pigmentation and pitting scars, And actively regulate skin health homeostasis. In skin repair, it can tighten the skin, resist aging and remove wrinkles, enhance brightness and moisturize, prevent and reduce color dullness, stop bleeding and promote wound repair.


rial's strong rise, with new regulations introduced, also promote the growth of the domestic cosmetics raw materials and change, create the necessary condition for innovation, even if the outbreak, which results in the economic downturn environment, model of efficacy of cosmetic raw materials is still extensive attention.

We actively respond to the national policy call, widely listen to and adopt the same industry experts' consistent suggestions, to provide the best quality natural collagen extraction raw materials for the market, at present [superconducting high ™️ active collagen] raw materials are hot presale!

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