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Dr.Ye Chunting , the chief scientist, was invited to attend the "2021 China Biomaterials Conference" and deliver the keynote report


The 2021 China Biomaterials Conference with the theme of "Biomaterials: Innovation and Development, Service and Health" was held in Shanghai International Convention Center from October 11 to 14. Dr. Ye Chunting, co-founder and chief scientist of Trauer Biology, was invited to attend the conference and give a presentation on the topic of medical active collagen at the Green Biomaterials Frontier Cross Forum on October 13.

   Hosted by the Chinese Society of Biomaterials (CSBM) and organized by Shanghai University and East China University of Science and Technology, the 2021 China Biomaterials Conference has set up 11 forums and 20 special reports and poster exchanges. More than 2000 experts and scholars, researchers, doctors and entrepreneurs from national well-known scientific research institutions, medical institutions, enterprises and regulatory departments engaged in the research, development, production, testing, regulation and clinical of biological materials and medical devices attended the conference.


Meeting invitation to come from the national natural science foundation, national drug supervision and administration of medical devices technical evaluation center, Chinese Academy of Sciences, changchun should, by the Chinese Academy of Sciences institute of genetics and developmental biology, zhongshan hospital affiliated to fudan university, zhejiang university and other experts to share the conference theme report, focusing on biological material cutting edge direction, research hot spot and the latest progress, Focus on field related achievements and regulatory science.

Dr.  Chunting Ye, co-founder and chief scientist of Trauer Biology, as the first industry scholar and expert representative in the green biomaterial Frontier Cross Forum, delivered a keynote speech on the research progress of collagen bioactivity and degradation mechanism.

According to Dr. Ye, only active collagen with a complete triple-helical stable structure can exert its many biomedical benefits. There are many direct or indirect receptors that recognize triple helix structures on the surface of cell membrane. The absence of receptors often leads to a variety of physiological diseases and injuries. Active triple helix collagen participates in a variety of biological processes in vivo, including promoting angiogenesis, promoting platelet adhesion, regulating inflammatory response, and finally achieving the role of repair and regeneration.

In addition, Dr. Ye also described the precise regulation mechanism of extracellular and intracellular degradation of active collagen, its bioactive role and low immunogenicity in vivo. Dr. Ye's wonderful sharing attracted the attention of many experts, scholars and students, and launched a heated discussion.

Dr. Ye said that based on the research and medical application of the core technology of large-scale production of active medical collagen,Trauer has been devoted to the research for 19 years, and solved the potential risks of collagen materials extracted from such animal tissues in the industry, such as viruses or immunogenic substances, and miscellaneous proteins. Therefore, six core technologies, including virus inactivation technology, immunogenic clearance, high-throughput purification and so on, have been innovated and developed in the process of industrial large-scale production, so as to ensure the quality and safety of animal-derived materials in the raw material of medical devices.

Activity of leaves at the same time, said Dr Collagen material in the laboratory stage and small-scale preparation can be relatively easy to implement, but once the rise to the industrialized mass production scale, here the difficulty, the transformation of the technical details, iterative update inspection technology, especially with the regulatory requirements to further improve, are continuing to pour money into technical research work, will be enormous.

   Mentioned that everyone is interested in the activity of three helical structure of collagen to maintain methods and materials of sterilization technology, Dr Leaf puts forward some proposals to present youth science and technology personnel, can be more attention in the process of preparation, such as temperature, enzyme dosage, details such as storage conditions, and encourage everyone to mutual exchanges and cooperation, promote the healthy development of the industry.

As a senior expert and scholar in the research and development and industrial application of active medical collagen materials in China since the 1990s, Dr. Ye has long been committed to the research of biomaterials, immunology, cytology and other interdisciplinary disciplines. Collagen, as the most important structural protein of human life, has numerous medical application values and Spaces. Dr. Ye has conducted in-depth research on it for many years. Although after decades of research and development, the understanding of this ancient structural protein has been deepened, and its safety has been recognized internationally. However, on this basis, we can further improve the technology and quality control standards, and strengthen the basic research to solve the remaining doubts in the industry, and maximize the release of the value space of this green biomaterial.

In June 2020, the Ministry of Science and Technology of China announced the national key Research and development plan "Green biological manufacturing" key project, which deployed 22 research directions around 6 tasks, including the utilization of biological manufacturing raw materials, the development of future biological manufacturing technology routes and innovative products, and the construction and demonstration of green biological manufacturing industry system. Tissue extracted active collagen, chitosan, sodium alginate, sodium hyaluronate, polylactic acid and other green biomaterials are important and core raw materials in the field of green biological manufacturing.

Gen's biological activity as a focus on medical collagen raw material preparation and application of new little giant enterprises "specialization", will continue to "global industry value chain collagen agents" as the goal, to 创福康、37000cm威尼斯美  such as series products and this year launched a series of active medical grade collagen raw material product as the basis, We will make unremitting efforts to serve the health and beauty of human beings and the whole green biological manufacturing industry.

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