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Summit Forum | chuang'er biology was invited to attend the Summit Forum on biomaterials and medical devices


Recently, the Summit Forum on biomaterials and medical devices was held in South China University of technology. The contents include "Unveiling Ceremony of scientific research base of medical device supervision of State Drug Administration", "Summit Forum of medical device industry regulation", "forum of collaborative innovation industrialization" and "forum of precision repair and 3D printing technology". Experts from national regulatory departments, scientific research institutions, clinical hospitals and enterprise representatives made wonderful theme reports on the supervision of medical device industry, innovation and development of biomaterial field, and application of 3D printing technology.

Chuang'er biology was invited to participate in this summit forum and participated in the discussion of collaborative innovation industrialization forum.




Chuang'er biology participated in the forum of collaborative innovation industrialization and made a speech

The collaborative innovation industrialization forum was presided over by Wang Yingjun, President of the Academy of medical device regulatory Sciences, chairman of the Chinese society of biomaterials, and academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering. The participants included representatives from scientific research institutions, clinical hospitals, industrial enterprises and government departments. Around the theme of "seeking truth, innovation, cooperation and win-win, building a human health community", representatives of all parties had a heated discussion on how to promote the construction of collaborative innovation mechanism and promote the development and progress of medical devices and biomaterials industry.

Hu Zhuan, general manager of chuang'er biology, shared the company's experience and experience of innovation and development in the field of medical devices and the development of industry university research cooperation.

After 15 years of application, more than 1 million clinical patients have accumulated a large number of clinical data, fully proving the efficacy of the product. Chuangfukang collagen paste is the earliest Class II product of device number in China. Without the guidance and feedback of clinical needs, the orderly management of enterprises, the technical research and transformation of Research Institute team, and the in-depth study of the principle of the product by the research team, the vitality of the product may not be sustainable. This is also a successful case of chuang'er biological management for many years.




Forum of collaborative innovation industrialization

Unveiling ceremony of scientific research base of medical device supervision of State Drug Administration

The forum also held the unveiling ceremony of the scientific research base for medical device supervision of the State Drug Administration. Xu Jinghe, deputy director of the State Drug Administration, Chen Liangxian, vice governor of Guangdong Provincial People's government, Wang Dong, vice mayor of Guangzhou Municipal People's government, Gao Song, President of South China University of technology, and Wang Yingjun, President of Academy of medical device supervision, chairman of China biomaterials society and academician of Chinese Academy of engineering, attended the meeting. Liu Qijin, deputy secretary of the Party committee and Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of South China University of technology, presided over the opening ceremony.

Relevant persons in charge of relevant departments, bureaus and units directly under the State Drug Administration, Guangdong Provincial Department of science and technology, Guangdong Drug Administration, Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of science and technology, and China Society of biomaterials, as well as representatives and experts from more than 50 domestic universities, scientific research institutes and listed enterprises in the industry, and more than 200 representatives of teachers and students of South China University of Technology participated in the activity.



Introduction to the organizer

The national human tissue function reconstruction engineering technology research center was founded in 2009. With the goal of promoting China's biomedical engineering and providing human health level, it has researched and developed a series of common key technologies for human tissue function reconstruction in biomedical materials, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, biomedical information and medical imaging, precision medical technology and equipment, etc The collaborative innovation mechanism of "medical industry research enterprise government" has realized the integration and transformation of products and technologies, cultivated high-end technical talents in the industry, and developed inspection and detection research and supervision science, which has made great contributions to the rapid development of medical device and biological industry。

Chuang Er biology

It has accumulated a lot of experience in many years of operation,

In the future, it will always follow the national medical device regulatory policy,

Strictly abide by the supervision of medical devices,

Actively participate in the "industry university research" collaborative innovation,

They have the courage to take social responsibility,

Serving customers, markets and consumers.


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