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2019cda annual meeting


On November 8-10, 2019, the 15th Annual Meeting of Chinese dermatologists and National Congress of cosmetology and dermatology was successfully held in Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center. More than 10000 people attended the conference, including domestic dermatologists and experts and scholars from the United States, Canada and other countries.                                         1.jpg

It has been 14 years since CDA was founded in 2005.


                                                                              ▲ CDA2019年皮肤科年会盛大开幕

This year's annual meeting is aimed at "inheritance and development, innovation and promotion", and continues to follow the policy of "facing the grassroots and close to clinical practice". It is determined to forge ahead and make continuous progress, so as to provide a colorful academic feast for the majority of dermatologists!

https://v.qq.com/x/page/m3018e287vv.html  ▲ 会议现场视频

Chuang Er biology

Promoter of medical collagen industry

Chuang'er biology brings its medical device brand "chuangfukang",

Professional skin care brands "CHUANGMEI" and "Tianshu"

Mobile medical platform "chuangyeryun" appeared at this conference together.


  ▲ 全品牌产品 

As a pathfinder and practitioner in the field of collagen, chuang'erbiology has been promoting the innovation and exchange of medical collagen industry and deepening the cooperation between industry, University, research and medicine.

Chuang'er bio combines the patent technology of active collagen with the innovation of skin disease treatment, and its products mainly focus on dermatology, burn department and surgery.


                                                                                                                             ▲ Ⅲ类胶原贴敷料产品+水杨酸祛痘面膜 

Chuangfukang type III collagen dressing is a high-efficiency skin repair product independently developed by chuang'er biology and Guangdong medical collagen engineering technology research and development center. It is the only collagen dressing of category III medical devices listed in the market at present. It can be combined with a variety of therapies or drugs to treat skin problems.

It not only adheres to the advantages of high activity, high purity and good biocompatibility of type II collagen dressing, but also greatly improves the content and concentration of collagen, and adopts aseptic production. It is one of the products with the highest industry standard among similar products.


Since 2013, chuang'er biological has been continuously improving the management categories of its products to guide the industry to achieve high standards and strict requirements for such products.

Chuang Fukang satellite meeting

Leading the new standard of collagen paste industry

In this conference, the medical device brand chuangfukang opened a special satellite meeting with the theme of "leading the new standard of collagen patch industry", inviting domestic senior dermatologists to conduct in-depth and extensive discussion and sharing.

The chairman of the meeting is Professor Lu Qianjin, director of Institute of Dermatology and venereal diseases of Central South University, and Professor Zhang Furen, director of Institute of Dermatology and venereal disease prevention and control of Shandong Province.


Professor Zhang Jianzhong, director of Dermatology Department of Peking University People's Hospital, pointed out that collagen dressing has obvious adjuvant therapeutic effect on atopic dermatitis and eczema.


▲ 张建中教授在会议上发表讲话

Professor Yang rongya, director of the Institute of skin injury repair of the seventh medical center of the PLA General Hospital, also shared the advantages of collagen dressing in the use of skin photoelectric therapy after surgery: it can reduce the adverse reactions after operation; accelerate wound healing, repair skin damage, and prevent pigmentation and scar formation.

8.jpg                                                                                                                                            ▲ 杨蓉娅教授在会议上发表讲话 

Innovation in inheritance and breakthrough in innovation.

Each annual meeting of dermatologists is guided by clinical practical problems and aimed at the needs of dermatologists. It is highly praised by the majority of dermatologists. Chuang'er biology will continue to reform and innovate, carry out its specialty to the end, and constantly provide better products and services for consumers.

Wonderful moment of the conference


9.jpg▲ The doctors and experts visiting the exhibition stand were very popular


10.jpg    ▲   展位小课堂活动及展位现场



                                                                                                                                                              ▲ 37000cm威尼斯旗下产品


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